The First and Only Vegan Neurotoxin

Down for Daxxify as Your New Botox?

At Hada we’ve treated many clients with unvarying the neurotoxin for over a decade. Our clients generally stay loyal to one neurotoxin for a smooth forehead and crows feet, others cycle their Botox, Xeomin,  and Dysport. Daxxify is the newest neurotoxin, with the botulinum toxin.

Is Daxxify right for you? Neurotoxins to prevent wrinkles are very effective. Many clients find successful treated from all products. Botox, Dysport, Daxxify, and Xeomin are neurotoxins with unique properties. Botox is onabotulinum A. Daxxify is daxibotulinum-A-lamn. Dysport is abobotulinum-A, and Xeomin is incobotulinum-A. As you can see by the chemical names, they are very similar, but not identical. Botox leads in longterm data supporting safety, medical therapy indications, and results.

Typically, neurotoxin treatment involves the ’11’s or the ‘mad face’ resting lines generating furrows in your mid brow. Specifically, Daxxify is approved by the FDA for moderate to severe frown lines (glabellar lines). All the cousins of Botox are FDA approved for treating this area. Botox is approved for 11 medical therapeutic treatment areas and 3 cosmetic treatments.

In our office we have extensive experience with Botox for neck, lower face, masseter treatments among others. So if looking for unique dosing regimens’ Botox may be your better alternative.

Faster onset And More Longevity of Results

Daxxify onset quickly in one to two days. Botox generally slower onset of 5-7 days.

Daxxify studies showed effectiveness of up to six months. Longevity of results with other neurotoxins is 3-4 months duration. If your neurotoxin results are wearing off quickly, then is Dassify right for you?

For full effects Botox takes 14 days, Daxxify may be up to 3 weeks. Xeomin behaves like Botox, and Dysport has more durability than Botox, and slightly faster onset of effectiveness.

Going Vegan

All the currently available neurotoxins, except for Daxxify, are stabilized by human albumin protein. Since Daxxify contains no human or animal agents and is made with a peptide for a stabilizer it is nicknamed the Vegan neurotoxin.

Neutralizing Antibodies

Any Botox treatment potentially triggers unwanted antibody formation. Antibodies can neutralize the effect resulting in partial or complete treatment weakening, and rarely some people never have a satisfactory effect from the product, essentially true for Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, or Daxxify. The immunogenicity of these neurotoxins generally doesn’t affect the ability to eliminate wrinkles. The production of the antibodies of these treatments typically doesn’t impact on clinical efficacy, safety, or duration of action.

The more experienced your provider the better you can address the decisions regarding product, dosing, timing, and success of effect.

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