The Biological Clock Extends to Your Skin, So Apply Your Products Accordingly

Morning Skin and Evening Skin Care Regimens and Why This is Important

You probably use retinol products only at night because they are inactivated by sun (true), but there are specific differences in your skin in the daylight vs the night time hours that affect your morning and evening skin care regimens so the are most effective.

Your skin’s biological clock directs how to use products effectively. The biological clock of your body affects levels of circulating hormones, and levels of local hormones. The skin ‘s biological clock determines when the cells replicate, when the cells repair DNA aging damage to components of skin including collagen and elastin, and how effectively skin neutralizes toxins.

Your skin barrier permeability is higher at night. Therefore, use the thicker products that have less water and more oil to occlude the skin more at night. According to a dermatologist, Dr. Sturnham, as day turns to night, your skin moves away from producing lipids, meaning your complexion might feel drier overnight. “At night, the PH of our skin rises, the epidermal barriers weaken, blood flow increases, and sebum production reduces,” explains Sturnham1.

Daytime skin regimens focus on protection

During the day the skin is exposed to sun, wind, pollution, it has to be ready for protection mode. Thus, sebum production is higher during the day. Sebum is over 5% triglycerides and fatty acids, about 25% waxy esters. Excess sebum production leads to overgrowth of skin cells, which clogs pores. Those clogged pores trap the excess sebum which becomes a breeding ground for acne bacteria.  If you have an issue with acne or over production of sebum so if you are using products that control your sebum, put them on in the morning.

At night, the skin is repairing, the blood flow is the highest. Awakening regimens consider calming and refreshing cleansing. Don’t strip or aggressively scrub after your skin has been hard at work all night.

At Hada we understand the issues of the biological basis for why we recommend a thoughtful approach and medical grade products we select for you also take these medical facts into consideration. We suggest other science-backed tips for healthy skin including recommending morning exercise. See you soon!

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