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Instalift Threads in Champaign, IL


Corrected and smoothed lower face jowls

Similarly, aging causes the fat in the cheeks to break down, loss of muscle and loss of bone, so the skin sags and grows hollow. Muscle loss and bone changes exaggerate the aging appearance. Instalift Threads in Champaign, IL fight both of these concerns and more.

Aging appearance contribute to erroneously projecting negative emotions

Signs of aging may affect interpersonal relationships by influencing perceived character or personality traits or contributing to erroneously projected emotions (eg, anger, tiredness, or sadness) that may not reflect the individual’s true feelings. A more youthful facial appearance is harmonious, more symmetrical, and comprised of balanced features, and will convey more positive feelings. These treatments accentuate attractive, natural-looking results which positively impact on an individual’s self-image and one your outward appearance.

Instalift Threads

Treatment Type


No. of Treatments Needed

Single Session

Consultation Required


Treatment Duration

45-60 minutes



Results Last

12 to 24 months

What It Treats

Age-Related Sagging Facial Features

Aging leads to the breakdown of facial fat and causes the skin to produce less collagen, threads lift and hold correcting the sagging of that lost volume of cheeks, neck, or other areas of the body.

Diminutive Cheekbones

Sometimes you simply want to improve the contours you were born with. Bolder cheekbones can create an enhanced sense of balance.

Instalift Threads can add a dimension of lift.

How do Instathreads work?

  • These unique threads are comprised of Polyglycolide/L-lactide which has a long history of use in the medical field.
  • Silhouette Instalift threads have tiny dissolvable knots interspersed with ultra-tiny, dissolvable cones. These are very efficient at gripping the skin and holding it in place, producing a noticeable lift.
  • They work by remaining under the skin once injected to replace lost volume or add to existing contours.
  • Silhouette Instalift Threads act through anchoring and stimulating collagen production to replace volume over time. Results improve over 3-12 months.
  • Your provider will make recommendations for the best combinations of therapy for your needs.

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